Charlie Campbell (Keyboards and Vocals)

Born Greenock 16th Aug 1946.

Started out on old piano we used to have in the family home. Self taught - can't read a word of music!

Started my first band at 17 with guys I was friends with. Called it TC and the Alleycats. TC was my big brother, Tommy Campbell. None of us could play a note - had to learn fast! I played lead guitar and ended up with a left handed sky blue Fender Strat ( 1964 ) that cost me £230. Wish I had it now.

Bought electric organ ( a Farfisa Compact 'cos George of the Road Hogs had one! ) round about 65/66 and joined a band called the Teenbeats as lead vocalist / organist. Toured Germany in '66 with the Teenbeats using the much loved Vox Continental double keyboard ( as used by Alan Price in the Animals! ). The Vox was a huge improvement on the awful Farfisa!

After Germany formed band with two of the Road Hogs ( Harry and Jimmy ) and three Teenbeats ( me, Robin and Norrie ), but can't for the life of me remember the name we gave it!

Later played for a couple of decades as three piece outfit called The Summerset. Initial band featured myself, Robin Campbell on bass, and Sam Morrell on drums. In 1982 Jim Gemmell took over on drums. During this period realised ambition to get a Hammond organ and Leslie speaker. Very expensive and fabulous sound, but in the end all I achieved was a bad back!

Then a few more years with a four piece called August ( featuring the late Bobby Boyle on lead vocals ) and another three piece called Fresh Air ( featuring Fred on drums ). By this time had wised up and was using a Casio keyboard that weighed about the same as a guitar ( Technology had caught up with the Hammond! )

I also did a two-piece for a number of years ( Wed. Nights with me and Robin in the Darroch! ) with Two of Us.

Had a break of ten years or so and briefly reformed Summerset between 2003 and 2006. Bought a nice Yamaha keyboard which I still use to this day.

That's about as much as my memory allows!

Now of course playing with dymensha.

Musical influences
Brian Wilson
Paul McCartney
John Lennon

Favourite bands
The Beach Boys
The Beatles
Electric Light Orchestra

My Keyboards
Yamaha PSR 1000
Roland RD-300sx

My Amplification
Behringer PMX 2000 (Amp )
2 X Behringer B300 (Active )Speaker units