George Canata (Lead Guitar and Vocals)

Born in Greenock , Scotland 23rd September 1953 to Italian parents.

Started playing guitar at the age of 14 after hearing Apache coming from someoneís bedroom window.

By the time I got to the end of the street I knew I was going to play the guitar. Buying a cheap acoustic catalogue guitar I practiced day and night with my new love.

Played in various bands including a Shadows cover band until the age of 17.

Then Joined Maris Hog, (formerly The Road Hogs), as lead guitarist. (I always maintain Maris Hog as my first real band, playing with older and more experienced musicians, learning a lot and gaining valuable road work.)

Played in several bands since Maris Hog including Spunge, Dinky, Jaspa and a cabaret band called The New Elastic Band until 1978.

Jaspa were an established Glasgow band who worked through an agency who owned a night club called Shuffles. The booking agent and regular DJ for Shuffles was a young guy called Dougie Donnelly who has since became a successful TV sports presenter.

Dinky toured Scotland and England extensively an provided me with a working musicians background and road work experience. After a three week gig in Denmark at the Blue Moon Club in the company of American rock and roll group Sha Na Na the band finally dissolved.

The New Elastic Band toured Scotland and England and became part of The Clem Dane Road Show. (Clem Dane was a TV stand up comedian who asked the band to join, along with two other acts, to be part of his touring outfit.) playing the part of his all time comedy hero Groucho Marx in the bands regular comedy sketches. With this band I played in front of big and sometimes important audiences including HRH Prince Charles, Ronnie Corbett and Frankie Howard.

Played on the same shows and worked with stars like comediennes Frank Carson, Mr Abie and at the Glasgow Pavilion with Tony Hatch (famous for the theme music for TV soaps Crossroads and neighbours).

From 1978 until 1982 I went freelance, playing guitar for long time friend Joe Fisher in "The Danny Fisher" Elvis tribute road show.

After a break between 1982 and 1985, started playing as a solo performer professionally, playing the pub and club circuit in Scotland. During this period I also played with a dinner dance band called Westside for two years with a regular weekend spot in a local hotel. Later I became a replacement guitarist/vocalist for the popular wedding band Hitched. After leaving the band I continued to play as a solo act whilst enjoying new band dymensha.

dymensha was formed as a fun band to allow me and the other guys to play the music we liked and stuff we played when we all started out as young musicians. Primarily just a rehearsal band with a weekly meeting at a local studio, we decided to try out our new rehearsed programme in front of a local audience. The result was so enjoyable that we now play regular gigs around the local area to great popularity.

Guitar Influences
Chet Atkins
Hank Marvin
George Harrison
Ritchie Blackmore
Mark Knopfler

Favourite Bands and Musical Influences
The Beatles
The Shadows
The Who
The Rolling Stones
The Byrds
Elvis Presley
The Everly Bros
David Bowie

Vocal Influences
Roy Orbison
George Harrison
John Lennon
The Everly Bros

Favourite Songwriters
Lennon & McCartney
Bob Dylan
David Bowie

Preferred Instruments
Fender Stratocaster pre and post CBS.
Fender and Ibanez acoustics.

Preferred Amplification

CD's Recorded as a Solo Performer
Part Time Gigolo
Walk Right Back
Tribute to The Shadows (Double Album)
Guitar Classics

Favourite Guitarist

Favourite Singer

"A guitarist as well as being able to continue learning, should also know the tool of his trade inside out. The Fender Stratocaster to me is the most versatile and perfect working musicians guitar with the perfect female body. Thereís nothin' I donít know about this baby".
- George Canata.