Jim Gemmell (Drums)

Born Greenock 12th May 1953

Formed first band with friends aged 16 called Backtrak.

Aged 17 joined local band Buzz and at 18 I got an offer to go full time with Glasgow band Bubbles ( 1971 - 74 )

After this joined I joined up with a couple of bands called Spunge and Dinky - where I met George.

A few years later - after Dinky broke up, met Charlie and joined Summerset. We played clubs for a few years before I left due to family commitments.

More or less retired for the next 15 years before I got a call from George planning to get a band together. Couldn't wait!

Now of course playing with dymensha.

Musical influences
John Bonham
Keith Moon

Favourite bands
Led Zeppelin

My Drums and accessories
Orginal George Hayman Kit 1970
Colour - midnight blue
Bass Drum - 22" x 14"
Double Toms - 13" x 9"
Floor Tom - 16" x 16"
Snare Drum - 14" x 5 ½ "
Super Zyn Cymbals - 2 x 20", 1 x 18", 2 x 14"
Sticks - 5A