Fred Beattie (Vocals and Percussion)

Born Greenock 18th November 1947

I got my first kit of drums when I was 16. It was a white pearl Premier kit and was second hand. I've played drums with most of the bands I've been with - while doubling up on vocals as well.

My first band was formed with some pals and we called ourselves The Tambourines. This developed into my first gigging band called Hard Road. I did my first gig with Hard Road when I was 20.

Further bands included-:
Free & Easy
Mitch and Trio
Burnin' Kilo
And Fresh Air ( latterly band included Charlie )

Did a 2 piece from '04 to '07 as The Two Amigos. This was a vocals only duo with Jim Houten, using backing tracks.

I've basically played drums and sang in all of my bands apart from the duo, so being the front man is a new experience, but an enjoyable one!

Now of course playing with dymensha.

Musical influences
Blues bands in 60's and 70's
Drummers Ainsley Dunbar and Buddy Rich

Favourite bands
Average white band
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers plus
too many others to mention

My instruments
Premier, Hayman and Ludwig kits